There has been a lot of excitement about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning over the past decade. After years of steady but slow progression of making machines smarter at the day to day tasks, a series of breakthroughs in the research community has recently elevated the momentum of this field of study. The progress has shown broad benefits for fields ranging from healthcare to self-driving vehicles. Nowadays, people are increasingly relying on AI to advise decisions, operate physical and virtual machinery. These current AI systems are able to handle huge amounts of data and make complex calculations very quickly. But…

Server sent events(SSE) is a surprisingly unpopular concept among software developers when compared with the protocols like web-sockets, mechanisms like polling and long polling. Will it provide you an advantage over other concepts well known in the software developer community? Definitely Yes!!! Can it be used everywhere we have client-server communication? That is sadly a No. This post is written to highlight the concept and identify possible use-cases where SSE will outshine web-sockets and polling. Finally, a sample application implementation with coding examples will be discussed to help you to start experimenting with this straight away.

What is SSE?

This is a fairly…

Nuwan Chamara Pallewela

Tech Enthusiastic | Engineer | Developer @M-DAQ

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